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15 de Jun, 2016

Savoy House Europe - UK

Savoy House UK Trip

UK Trip

During our business trip to the UK, we have had the opportunity to visit the facilities, showrooms and new projects that are undertaking our customers in the most important cities: London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast ...

Now, back home we have the great satisfaction of seeing the positive impact of our collections and the increasingly consolidation of Savoy house Europe products on the UK market.

UK is an amazing country, a journey between history and the most absolute modernity that leaves no one indifferent. It is amazing how different trends coexist, from the most modern and current to the purest classic and timeless style that still appearing strongly in all cities.

As for trends, for design and decoration lovers, London is a must. It is the cradle of much of the most consolidated trends that have influenced outside. Music, food, art, fashion ... All of them touched by the talisman.

One of our dearest places: the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, one of the great emblems of Europe for design and decoration. The platform homes more than 100 showrooms and over 600 of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands. Place of worship for the best in lighting, decoration and furniture design world.

Also, deco lovers, you will enjoy walking down King's Road in the same Chelsea neighborhood, a true Paradise for those who love the interior design!  A street with an exciting story that now homes the most exclusive and elegant fashion and decoration showrooms. In the 60s the unstoppable miniskirt emerged from this street and was the forefront of international fashion and movements like punk.

Surely ... A country to be moved and inspired! See you next time UK! 


Savoy House destacados
Savoy House destacados
Savoy House destacados
Savoy House destacados