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16 de Ago, 2017

Country style

Savoy House Terraces on the countryside

Terraces on the countryside

Breathing fresh air, enjoying the views and getting lost in the nature is the best way to disconnect and charge the batteries. Being surrounded by nature is always relaxing, a real luxury for our senses. But to fully enjoy it we must create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, according to the environment and the privileged views that surround us.


The most country style terraces are characterized by the presence of natural elements such as wood, plants and stone. In addition, if you add candles, garlands and textiles with different textures you will get a vibrant environment to feel fully free and on vacation. The perfect place to disconnect and unwind during the summer.


A small pergola or wooden roof will also serve to accentuate the character of the terrace and turn that space into the perfect dining room for your summer nights. And if you also add a barbecue it may become your favorite corner.


As for outdoor lighting, the ideal is to take full advantage of the natural light offered by the environment itself and the summer months. With wall lamps and pendants we will highlight dark corners of the terrace. This type of luminaires will supplement the main lighting of the space and provide warm spotlights that help to create unique and special corners on our terrace. Charming spaces where you can enjoy pleasant evenings at night.


Savoy House outdoor collections meet the requirements to become key decoration elements of any garden or terrace. Its classic and timeless style, its elegant details, its spectacular shine... are the characteristics, that makes our outdoors a unique and distinctive decorative accessory.


Outdoor lamps are one of the main products of our catalog, and one of the most used in all projects in which the Savoy House has participated. Our outdoor lamps are characterized by their large size, the originality of their designs and high quality. These qualities make a reference in Savoy House exterior lighting. 


LIGHT YOUR IDEAS by Savoy House Europe
Our lamps and decorative accessories will help you to create unique environments and atmospheres. Rooms full of personality and feelings. We have a special line for professional interior design and decoration, caring in detail our counseling service and delivery in order to ensure success in our projects.

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