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14 de Dic, 2016

Crystal style collection

Savoy House Sherezade


Sherezade collection is a true lighting jewel. This stunning collection designed by Federico Martinez stands out by the detailed cut clear etched crystals and the double coated Silver Lace finish.

Sherezade is a classic, elegant and striking piece, capable of surprising in the most avant-garde and modern spaces.

Sherezade collection consist of:

- 4, 6 and 8 Light chandelier
- 3 Light pendant
See Sherezade collection

Federico Martínez, the sole European designer of the group creates classical lighting for the whole world. Nowadays is the President of the Savoy House Europe project and contributes with his elegant designs to the total Savoy House group lighting offer, as long in North America as in Europe and middle East, all of them manufactured on noble materials and dressed on high quality cut crystals.

Lamps including crystal create unexpected spaces with a personal touch and style. And so it is increasingly common to find them in the most modern homes, with minimalist and contemporary decor. They create a spectacular contrast between the new and the classic, becoming the key piece of the stay.

LIGHT YOUR IDEAS by Savoy House Europe
Our lamps and decorative accessories will help you to create unique environments and atmospheres. Rooms full of personality and feelings. We have a special line for interior design and decoration professionals, taking care of every detail on our consulting service and delivery, to help your projects to be a success.

Savoy House destacados
Savoy House destacados
Savoy House destacados
Savoy House destacados