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05 de May, 2015

The perfect marriage between the old and the new

Savoy House Shabby Chic style

Shabby Chic style

The Shabby Chic decorating style is original from Great Britain, at the time of the large garden, which was very common to find sofas and curtains worn along with other newer or higher quality items. This mixture of ancient elements with more modern and current decoration is taking a greater role as a trend in decoration and furniture.

Shabby Chic style is a mix between the classic and elegant but with a touch old and very classy. It recreates Romantic and feminine atmospheres with worn look vintage pieces. A perfect combination of furniture and objects recovered and reused without losing its essence and value.

It is distinguished by using a palette of pastel colors like pink, blue, green or beige, but definitely the predominant color is white. This color it is used to both walls and decorative items to create a greater feeling of spaciousness in space and a strong contrast to other more striking decorative elements, as it is very common to use details with flowers and patterns.

Other accessories widely used in this style of decoration, are the printed pads with flowers, drapes, candles, antique vases, and so.

Our collections of lamps Madeliane, Cerulean, Nicolette, Evelyn, Ives and Abagail meet the basic requirements to become star pieces in lighting a space Shabby Chic.


by Pierce Paxton

This exquisite chandelier has the timeless beauty of a French antique updated with a warm Wood and Iron finish, and crystal spear pendalogues.

See Madeliane Collection



by Tracy Porter

One of the most differentiated collections in our catalog. Designed by the prestigious American designer Tracy Porter who draws attention to the harmony of its blue, green and red colors with finishing wooden pickled with white details. Hand-decorated luminaries that undoubtedly increase the artistic value of this collection.

See Cerulean Collection


by Tracy Porter

Elegantly styled this opulent Nicolette Hand painted chandelier offers up a classical chic perfect for the small spaces of your home. This mocha finished light would be a stunning addition to any room to create everlasting style in any interior.

See Nicolette Collection


by Tracy Porter

Flore hand painted on white snow colour, glasses and crystals to the strong water and cover-candles with effect of drops of wax. The Evelyn collection, composed of a semi-pendant and a 5 arm ceiling light.

See Evelyn Collection



A collection of romantic and classic touch. Romantic design style, ideal for small spaces design, combines the white of its finish with the warmth that give the fabric screens which are pierced by the bulb’s light. Set of two ceiling lights with 5 and 3 lights respectively and a 1 light fixture

See Ives Collection


A vintage birdcage has modern sophistication with the addition of sparkling crystals is the most outstanding piece of this collection.

See Abagail Collection

"LIGHT YOUR IDEAS" by Savoy House Europe

Our lamps and decorative accessories will help you to create unique environments and atmospheres. Rooms full of personality and feelings.

We have a special line for interior design and decoration professionals, taking care of every detail on our consulting service and delivery, to help your projects to be a success.

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