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09 de Dic, 2014

Designer for Savoy House

Savoy House Sergio Orozco interview

Sergio Orozco interview

01. In an interview you mentioned that lighting is the most powerful element of this century.

Yes, lighting is the most powerful element in the world, the one that will last the longest in the trendy markets of the universe, as it has to do with life itself.

What does lighting mean to you?

Lighting means to me harmony, prosperity, luxury... it means the re-birth of our existence every day; it visually validates the gift of living. 


02. On many occasions you have defended lighting as the creator of moods.

Lighting has a very close influence with our emotions/state of mind that is a subject in itself. Nature is the best source of inspiration, just embrace  lighting in nature... just imagine a glorious sunset where all the senses are caressed by a soft and skin-tanning  light, painting our habitat and ourselves in hues that are reminiscent of candle light,  inviting us to relax and enjoy the moment, that is lighting at it best.

In this sense, how does lighting help us to create different atmospheres and environments that reflect the mood in a home?

The key is to light up your interiors properly, not like a showroom, not like comercial space, not like a museum but like a home and the secret is the “eye level”  from where light emanates, creating a nest, a refuge where we human beings feel in harmony with their home, with their furnishings and with themselves.

And, to what extent does lighting affect our mood?

I can subdue a ferocious Bengal tiger just by using candle lighting (do not try this at home) and I can for sure upset Tibetan monks just by showering them with colossal amounts of lights that affect their senses and their emotions.  We humans beings relate to lighting in ways we do not even understand, light pollution should be a crime!!!  Home lighting is not an indulgence but an art and a science. A well lit home is nirvana for us human beings as the essence of life begins with lighting. 


03. What kind of lighting is best suited for each room?

As you transition from a standing posture to a seating and/or sleeping posture, the eye level of your home lighting should be lower.  The lower the light source the more opaque the shade or glass diffusing the light source should be.  Good lighting will allow you to create: islands of light, wash wall, accent artifacts / furnishings, frame painting, highlight the architecture and sculpture / paint your rooms with lighting.   Lighting is like great music and delicious food; it must be soothing   to your eyes and to your soul. 


04. It is impressive the awards you have achieved during your career:

- Winner of the Interior Design ROSCOE Award for residential furniture

- Winner of Roscoe Certificate for Outstanding Achievement in Product Design

- Winner of the 11TH ARTS AWARD and first ever Product Designer of The Year

What are the most important ingredients for a unique design?

When designing you must always think of the human being, it must begin with a desire to please the body, reword the senses and allow a hint of poetry and emotions... anything else will fall into place, unless you are designing for robots. The best award ever given to me as a designer is: the privilege to light up the interiors, furnishings/landscapes of unknown people’s homes.  


05. What elements are common in your designs?

Timeless elements of art, design and architecture, a reverence for history… and a tablespoon of of romance.  


06. What do you have in mind when designing a product?

Nothing, I try hard to have a blank page and an open mind... and as soon as the ideas star to take shape in my mind, I tango with them until they can dance on their own. 

How is your creative process?

Very solitary, (very)... at least in the beginning... but the true fun of the process is the editing,  the refinement and the struggle to leave it alone... you need to know when to stop or you will never finish it. 

Savoy House destacados
Savoy House destacados
Savoy House destacados
Savoy House destacados