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08 de Mar, 2017

International Working Women's Day

Savoy House Savoy House designers

Savoy House designers

A great portion of Savoy House collections made by three professionals, three women, who have developed emblematic and special collections for our markets. On such a noteworthy day as today, we wish to stress his great talent and work. It is a great pride to have the collaboration of prestigious designers as they are.


Tracy Porter, prestigious American designer and fashion guru. It is known worldwide for her designs full of personality, elegance and incredible attention to detail showed in each one of her creations: handbags, jewelry, carpets, furniture, lamps...


Her designs of luminaires for Savoy House are timeless jewels that become the most prominent feature of the decor. She creates unique and artistic, full of magic and color pieces. Every detail, every stroke of color reflects his tremendous creativity and inspiration.


The Cerulean, Nicolette and Evelyn collections, designed by Tracy Porter, are delicate, sophisticated and are hand-painted pieces. Her fresh and authentic designs clearly show her passion for nature and her unmistakable bohemianbeauty style.


Karyl Pierce Paxton, designer for Savoy House Designer awarded for her work in residential and interior design: 'Lighting for me is an expression of both art and architecture. Lighting is what brings visual life and illumination to a room or home'.


Paxton is the creator of so emblematic collections such as Barrister and Via Fete, two best sellers’ collections on Savoy House outdoor lighting section. He has recently created the new Gramercy collection, featuring in the 2017 catalogs.

Stacey Testa as chief designer of Raymond WaitesTM, has created some of the current collections of Savoy House, faithfully printing the signature of the creative team to which it belongs: the perfect blend of opulent with humble to create timeless and refreshing styles with a casual elegance.

Stacey is involved in all facets of design and creativity of items for home decoration. Over the years, the talented creative team, from the firm Raymond WaitesTM, has expanded its vision, developing the best product designs for home seen in the best shops.


The most outstanding collections of the Raymond Waites TM for Savoy House: Modern Royal, one of the most elegant and sophisticated collections in our catalog. And the Avington collection, a striking look at contemporary lighting of the highest level.


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Savoy House destacados
Savoy House destacados
Savoy House destacados