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19 de Ago, 2015

The process of designing and creating



A lamp is a physical object, but its design and functionality involves much more: the materials used, shape, detail, finishes ... Create a lamp means working with light and its direct involvement in the space and our state of mood.

Light defines and modifies the spaces of our home, describing every corner of a stay and balancing the harmony between the furniture and different spaces. These features are very present throughout the process of design and creation by our design team.


The Savoy House Team Design process:

1. Sketch
everything is born of a concept, a need to meet, an inspiration, a space ... an “idea” There the adventure of creation begins; the challenge of shaping and realizing the idea. It is the moment of creation of forms, textures, colors, finishes, materials...

2. Technical drawings
Once created the concept of the lamp, it is drawn in detail and accuracy; measures, proportions and development of the various fixtures that make up the collection. The technical drawing is developed for future production process.

3. Prototype
Every piece of the lamp is modeled in 3D from the engineering drawings and a model is made. We will verify then all measurements and proportions of all elements of the luminaire.

4. Testing
Prior to manufacture and produce the collection both light effects as its aesthetic and decorative characteristics must be accurately performed and tested in order to warn us of any inconvenience and ensure proper operation.

5. Manufacturing
When the lamp is well defined, as amended and revised, when it has passed all tests is ready for production.

"LIGHT YOUR IDEAS" by Savoy House Europe

Our lamps and decorative accessories will help you to create unique environments and atmospheres. Rooms full of personality and feelings. We have a special line for interior design and decoration professionals, taking care of every detail on our consulting service and delivery, to help your projects to be a success.

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Savoy House destacados
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