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18 de Feb, 2015

Lighting gardens and terraces

Savoy House Outdoor lighting '15

Outdoor lighting '15

Outdoor lighting allows us to create unique and special places in our garden and terraces or balconies, charming environments, full of magic where you can enjoy pleasant evenings overnight.

To optimize the potential of decorative outdoor lighting is important to choose the correct luminaries for each scenario. It is also important to have a clear idea about which are the areas we want to highlight and enhance (plants, garden table, porches, roads ...) before to start the lighting project, so you can choose the perfect light that will help us to create the desired atmosphere.

- Post Lanterns: very appropriate to illuminate wide gardens. They are also ideal to define a path or any specific areas on the garden as the pool or the main facade.

- Wall lamps or sconces: perfect for illuminating the facade of a house or to enlighten dark corners of a garden. They complement the main lighting of the space and provide points of warm light to create magical environments.

- Pendants: They are ideals in porches and covered terraces, creating unique and full of charm atmospheres.

Our collections of outdoor lamps are eligible to become key parts of any garden or terrace. Its classic and elegant style, its finest details with classical influences and its brightness are features that make our outdoor lanterns a unique and distinctive decorative accessory.

Outdoor lamps are one of the main products in our catalog, and one of the most used in all projects in which Savoy House has been involved. The outdoor lamps by Savoy House Europe are characterized by its large size, the original designs and high quality. These qualities make Savoy House a reference on outdoor lighting.


Its traditional design with a contemporary twist makes them perfect for creating magical spaces, full of charm and warmth.

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"LIGHT YOUR IDEAS" by Savoy House Europe

Our lamps and decorative accessories will help you to create unique environments and atmospheres. Rooms full of personality and feelings.

We have a special line for interior design and decoration professionals, taking care of every detail on 

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