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02 de Feb, 2017

A cozy ambient

Savoy House Mountain lighting

Mountain lighting


The perfect place to get lost in winter


Winter is a good time to relax and spend longer stays in a mountain refuge, a place to spend the cold evenings by the fireplace. It is an environment in which warmth plays an important factor, not only in terms of temperature, but also in terms of comfort. So it is essential to create a cozy ambient in these low temperatures days.


To recreate this atmosphere that invites relaxation and disconnection, the trend is marked by the use of organic materials that help to promote a relaxed and comfortable space. Following the line of nature as an absolute source of inspiration, wood, rope or cork become basic and necessary elements in the decoration.


These are materials that bring naturalness and a lot of light to the space, always respecting the own essence characteristic of the mountain.


The Savoy House Europe collections help to convey the light and warmth in a stay that invites to take a good rest. In addition to the design of its lamps, the mixture of materials such as metal, glass, ropes and wood make our collections contribute to brighten the environment without losing that modern twist.


Blue Ridge by Karyl Pierce Paxton
Blue Ridge collection has a unique and stunning look thanks to its highly detailed design. Realistic cream drip candle covers add to the rustic feel.

The collection consist of:

-  2 Light Wall Lamp

- 6 and 12 Lights chandelier

See Blue Ridge collection


Maverick by Brian Thomas
Maverick collection, designed by Brian Thomas , combines artfully-crafted Hammered Mercury Glass, an Artisan Rust finish and rope tying it all together to bring an upscale, urban look to your home.

The collection consist of:

-  2 Light Wall Lamp

- 6, 8 and 12 Lights chandelier

See Maverick collection


Alsace is a sophisticated collection of chandeliers inspired by the wine barrels popularly used in French vineyards. Bold in scale and commanding in presence, Alsace has riveted iron details, soft white beeswax candle covers and a Reclaimed Wood finish. These chandeliers are upscale and relaxed, making them the perfect complement for living rooms, gourmet kitchens and wine rooms.

The collection consist of:

- 5, 8 Light chandelier

- 3 Light Semi Flush

- 3 Light Pendant

- 1 and 2 Light Wall Lamps

See Alsace collection

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Savoy House destacados
Savoy House destacados
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