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01 de Mar, 2017

The most groundbreaking architecture in the world

Savoy House Middle East

Middle East

A place of sharp contrasts where tradition and modernity live together. In just 20 years, countries such as Qatar and Dubai have deeply transformed their landscape, where once there had been only desert, nowadays, there are impressive skyscrapers designed by the most prestigious architects in the world.



The constant transformation under the splendor and brilliance of luxury.

In the bay of Doha the most avant-garde buildings of the last decade can be found. A true spectacle for those who are passionate in architecture.

At both ends of the seafront promenade are two of the most emblematic buildings on the area. One side, the Museum of Islamic Art built on a land gained to the sea, so it seems to float on the water. Its author is the architect Ieoh Ming Pie who also designed the glass pyramid of the Louvre Museum in Paris. And, at the other side we find the spectacular Doha Office Tower. Designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel and reminiscent of the Torre Agbar in Barcelona. Off the coast of Doha Bay is the artificial island, The Pearl, one of Qatar's most ambitious projects designed simulating a chain of pearls.



The great referent of modern architecture.

Dubai turned into the most groundbreaking architecture city owner in the world. A worldwide reference speaking of majestic buildings. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most attractive places in the world in terms of design and architecture, which is also constantly boiling and creating new projects.

The most progressive and modern city in the Middle East, full of towers, skyscrapers and emblematic buildings surrounded by the desert and a surprising artificial archipelago in the shape of a palm tree.

Dubai stands out for the imposing buildings, from its impressive airport to the fabulous Hotel Burj Al-Arab, one of the most representative buildings of Dubai, shaped like a candle is located on an artificial island in the Persian Gulf. It is the only hotel in the world that has 7 stars. And, of course, the Burj Khalifa, the highest skyscraper in the world.


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