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01 de Jun, 2016

Inspiration & trends

Savoy House London


London captivates from the first sight! A city built to enjoy, a stroll between the history and the modernity that leaves no one indifferent.

It is the cradle of much of the most consolidated trends that have influenced outside. Music, food, art, fashion ... All of them touched by the talisman.

For design and architecture lovers London is a mandatory stop! And speaking of its architecture, is talking about the awarded Norman Foster as a reference. Its buildings have revolutionized the scene of the city. Avant-garde buildings left no one indifferent! playing a key role of modern architecture. The Millennium Bridge, the City Hall, the Gherking Building and the Wembley Stadium became true icons of the city. The modern and revolutionary style is the character of these buildings.


Another must in the city is the Victoria & Albert Museum, a true Paradise for those who love the decor! The world's only museum which houses 3000-year history of decoration; Furniture, paintings, sculptures, fashion ...  totally enjoyable.


And if you are looking for inspiration, Shoreditch is your place. It is the most vibrant and cool London neighborhood where all disciplines sit well together; Artists, designers, musicians, chefs ... the cradle of the artistic revolution. Also, it is the place of pilgrimage for foodies who want to discover the latest culinary proposals, passionate about the Street Art discover the famous graffiti of Banksy and for those who are looking for the retro objects, here the best thrift stores across the city are found. No doubt, it's the trendiest neighborhood in London!


Strolling through this city is to wander through a great showcase of the latest trends. So much inspiration and strength! A vibrant and frenetic city that is reinvented every night.

LIGHT YOUR IDEAS by Savoy House Europe
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