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13 de Oct, 2016

Light your Kitchen

Savoy House Light your Kitchen

Light your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of our home. In most cases it is the binding core, the place where we eat, chatt and spent the most time with our dear beigns.


So choosing a good illumination, it is necessary and essential to create the cozy atmosphere we need to feel comfortable and relaxed. The light will make the difference between a functional space or a nice place to start the day, cook and relax.


Natural Lighting
If your kitchen has natural light, grab it! Arrange the items so they do not block or hinder their flow. The combination of natural light with artificial will be the perfect blend for a pleasant atmosphere.


General Lighting
Ideally place flush mounts or ceiling lamps to provide uniform light and constant illumination throughout the kitchen. In addition, if we choose decorative lighting pieces we get a perfect stay, friendly atmosphere and above all, consistent with our decorating style.


Decorative Lighting
To make the kitchen more comfortable you can add decorative lighting, it will serve to illuminate and to highlight important areas of the room. For example, wall sconces to illuminate walkways or hanging lamps for the island.


Focal or spot Lighting
It is very important that the area we work in, where we manipulate, cut, cook ... the food is well-lit. These tasks require direct light to provide us with maximum visibility, both for convenience and for safety. It is best to install in these areas (fire, hob, sink ...) spotlights with direct light as wall sconces that allow us to see exactly what we are doing. It also allows us to focus on certain areas we want to highlight. In addition, materials such as lacquer, glass and steel are finishes that help earning light in the kitchen, the light bounces on them so it is maximized.


Savoy House has a wide range of perfect lights for the kitchen. Actually, these are one of the most popular products in projects in which our company is present. Our collections of lamps Connell, Ravenia, Vintage and Glass Filament Pendats meet the basic requirements to become key pieces of any kitchen.


LIGHT YOUR IDEAS by Savoy House Europe
Our lamps and decorative accessories will help you to create unique environments and atmospheres. Rooms full of personality and feelings. We have a special line for interior design and decoration professionals, taking care of every detail on our consulting service and delivery, to help your projects to be a success.


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