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14 de Oct, 2014

The Minardieres: a stunning and luxurious private retreat.


Savoy House Les Minardieres. Stately Home Loire Valley

Les Minardieres. Stately Home Loire Valley

The designer and Interior designer Terry Berry has transformed the Minardieres into a stunning and luxurious private retreat. This stately residence is located in the renowned Loire Valley (France), a privileged route between vineyards, castles and medieval villages. A dreamy territory that was elected by nobles and monarchs as a second home.

For the interior design project of Les Minardieres have been used chandeliers, table, wall lights and outdoor lights from Savoy House Europe Collections:

Nicolette Collection

Undoubtedly, the chandelier Nicolette reflects the perfect elegance, ideal for a classic and timeless style of decor. Hand painted and finished with mocha bring significant value to the room, creating an enchanting atmosphere to any interior decoration.

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Our experience in the contract world, has led us to create this collection of fixtures, capable of solving the most varied needs on indirect illumination without giving back to the most current classic style. Collection created by renowned designer Federico Martinez has accumulated experience among other works, through the realization of lights that illuminate and decorate some of the most prestigious hotels in the world.

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Table Lamps:

Magnificent desktops of modern and classic styles, ideal for illuminating and decorating any room, both households and social areas of hotels and restaurants.

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Collection chandeliers Florita

A dazzling and distinctively Formal design with an elegant finish.

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Outdoor Collection Barrister

Outdoor lamps are one of the main products in our catalog, and one of the most used in all projects in which the firm has participated Savoy House. Our outdoor lamps are characterized by their large size, the original designs and high quality. These qualities make a reference Savoy House outdoor lighting.

Barrister lantern collection features a classic style that will bring a special glow to the outside of each home. The finish slate in this case acts as a perfect companion for the transparent seeded glass.

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