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04 de May, 2016

New deco idea for home

india trends

Savoy House India Trends

India Trends

If there is an inspiring country undoubtedly is India. A place of contrasts and unique experiences that leaves no one indifferent.

Bollywood, yoga, color, smell, craft, belief, texture ... Its culture and customs have conquered us! From fashion to high Spanish cuisine have been influenced by the magic and optimistic character of this country.

This passion for India, has reached decoration as a trend line: "The contemporary Indian style". An exotic and updated trend that mixes the most symbolic details of traditional Indian culture with modern and contemporary styles. A lamp, a rug, a couple of cushions, an ethnic ornament a handmade wooden furniture... An small detail that allows us to broadcast a unique and special personality without burdening the environment.

One of the details that best help to follow this trend in your home is to incorporate wooden furniture with handmade look and carved reliefs so characteristic of India. A coffee table, a headboard... no doubt they will be a key piece in your home.

Choose gold tones and red colors on home textiles. It is part of the essence of India! one of its most characteristic features. They symbolize wealth and prosperity. Again, very close to the spirituality and beliefs!

Let India to bring the magic and give your home a twist. Catch it colorful and spirituality to help us turning our home into an incredible space full of harmony.

"LIGHT YOUR IDEAS" by Savoy House Europe
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