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11 de May, 2016

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Savoy House India


If anything characterizes the new generation of architects and interior designers in India is its constant research to innovate and create new spaces maintaining its entire architectural legacy.

Far from turning his back on his past, they pay special attention to the conservation of its structure and the materials used on the rehabilitation of old buildings such as old factories. All possible items on there are restored to underline the importance of the past. The result: buildings that reflect the evolution of the heritage to the current planning.

The most important Interior designers of India take advantage of the local crafts and materials, featuring them in new homes and projects they work on, to create the most unique and modern spaces. The Indian leather, marble, wood and metal are their hallmark.

The spaces are characterized by great sensitivity to nature: solid surfaces, large patios filled of light, quiet and flowing spaces to enhance air circulation, always painted in neutral palette. The décor elements will be the touch of color and will be showcasing themselves as key pieces in the character of the house.

Concerning to the indoor decoration, the industrial style that conquered the West, is also the trend in India. It is characterized, above all, for wide and open spaces such as the lofts in old factories where the priority is given to the structure and materials. The exposed brick, beams, concrete, high ceilings, ... become core features of this decoration style. Industrial style also consists on maximising existing and original features of the building. And that's where lies its great appeal, on the simplicity, on the materials and on the bare structures.

Aged wood is one of the most used materials on industrial spaces, whether mixed with metal and stone we get as a result the perfect combination that brings an incredible harmony to home.

In addition, vintage accessories are used: antique, time worn furniture, rusty retro objects ... mixed with new and modern decorative elements that bring elegance and sophistication to the industrial character.

Collections like Connell, Ravenia, Glass Filament and Vintage Pendants are the most used in this kind of space. Vintage-inspired hanging lamps featuring clean straight lines and metallic finishes are the perfect accessory for kitchens, open concept rooms and industrial environments.

Another style of decoration that is still loved by India architects is the classy English style. Which it is part of its heritage and still featuring in part of homes and hotels. Large lamps stand out as protagonists of decoration and as key pieces of the most elegant and traditional spirit. Lamps as Rothchild are the most demanded.

By Federico Martínez
Dripping with beads and crystals, it becomes the great protagonist of the stance decoration. This luxurious collection features, foyer, sconces and chandeliers with a wide range of number of lights and sizes liable to dress any room.

To lit the big patios and gardens, Bastion is one of the most demanded collection in India.  Its spectacular dimensions, finishes and detail, the fine workmanship featured on the sconces arm, make this collection a luxurious whimsy for the garden.

Bastion collection is one of the most statelly elaborated pieces featured in the ourdoor section of our catalogue. The appliques are the highlights of the collection. Its ornamental design gives it an ideal elegance in order to be used for outside of classical style buildings.

If you want lo learn more about the architecture and the most relevant design in India, do not miss this list of the most relevant projects of the country.

Savoy House destacados
Savoy House destacados
Savoy House destacados
Savoy House destacados