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17 de Ago, 2016

A living history of the Praga city

Savoy House Historia viva de la ciudad de Praga

Historia viva de la ciudad de Praga

The Jablonna Castle is a historic building from 1318 that reveals the rich cultural and architectural heritage of the city of Prague.


The rehabilitation project and interior design has been made by the company Royal Interier, which acquired the castle in 2009 for its complete restoration. Thanks to the meticulous work done by his team, this historic building has been removed from the “in danger of collapse” list of cultural sites in the Czech Republic.


The original character of the building has been respected during reconstruction. Also the its magnificent park has been preserved. The interiors of the Castle Jablonná represent different historical periods that evoke the different stages it came through, maintaining all details of its history. In its rooms articles and decorative accessories of all styles of decoration are present, from the Baroque and Classical to Renaissance and Art Deco. A jewel that symbolizes the history of the city of Prague.


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