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12 de Ene, 2016

Kid Rooms

Savoy House Hagen Collection

Hagen Collection

The decoration and the atmosphere we create with lights are very much important on children spaces like the other rooms at home. But in this case, it is essential to create an appropriate enabling environment for our children. Their room should be a free, warm space where they can feel comfortable and able to perform their activities; games, sleep ... everything must be thought to their perfect child development.

First of all, the lamps we install in children's room should be safe. Ideally, choose lamps without wires or elements that can hurt. In this respect, the most appropriate lighting for them is flush fittings, like ceiling and wall sconces. Thus, they will be out of children reach and also allows us to create different points of light to cover all their activity areas and create different light intensities for every occasion.

One of our most popular collections for children's rooms is Hagen. Its versatility, simplicity and contemporary design make it ideal to meet the different stages of children growth.

Hagen collection is composed of:

- 1 Light Wall Lamp

- 6 and 9 Light Lamp

- 2 Light ceiling

- 3 Light pendant

- 1 Light mini-pendant

- 2 Light semi-flush

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