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29 de Oct, 2014

Federico Martinez founding partner and designer

Savoy House Federico Martínez interview

Federico Martínez interview

Federico Martinez founding partner of Savoy House Europe and designer of the company "a good decor but poorly lit loses much of its value"

Federico Martinez, the only European group designer, is creator of classic lighting worldwide. President of the Savoy House Europe project, brings his elegant designs to the lightings offered by Savoy House group in North America, Europe and the Middle East, all made with the finest materials and decorated with carved high quality crystals.

You are passionate about classic and decorative lighting, but also highlight your designs from most contemporary collections like Carla or Plissé. What is the style of decoration that most defines you?

I am passionate about LIGHTING capitalized and this passion includes the classic, decorative and contemporary lighting. The style that most defines me is the elegance and this is a constant that try to keep any type of design.


What is the hallmark of Savoy House Europe?

I think somehow I've managed to convey that sense of elegance to our company and perhaps this is the hallmark of most characteristic of it.

What enlightenment means to you?

The type of lighting that interests me is synonymous with decorating. Illuminate decorating should be our goal.


What is your creative process?

Joaquin Sorolla said he was always painting. When talking to someone he was viewing the frame, the shadows, the light of the hypothetical canvas of his interlocutor.

Without pretending to compare myself with our artistic genius, my design and lighting ideas arise to the looking at the most disparate objects.

From there it is taking shape and the design itself over several sessions is modified and improved until the final design.

Subsequently, once the prototype is made by the relevant manufacturer, it comes the personal inspection and the necessary correction to try to approach perfection.

Finally you have to find the right finish, a key part in the process.


What has in mind when designing?

For me the most important are the proportions. It's something that always worries me and I try to emphasize to the manufacturer who will carry out the corresponding prototype.


What role does the lighting in the decoration?

Basically a good decor but poorly lit loses much of its value. The lighting should also bring to each moment and circumstance. Not the same light a room for a private moment that it at an event where you have this many people.

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