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27 de Jul, 2016

Best Welcome to our home

Savoy House Facade Lighting

Facade Lighting

Facade lighting is essential to bring beauty, personality and notoriety to our home. The best way to welcome!

Proper lighting highlights the features of the house and its landscape. It also provides security, avoiding dark areas at the entrance of our home.

Wall lamps or sconces are perfect to illuminate the facade of a house and to give light in dark corners of a garden. Complement the main lighting space and provide points of warm light to create pleasant environments.

Our collections of outdoor lamps: Bastion, Monte Grande, Chiminea, Castlemain and Newberry, eligible to become fundamental pieces of any facade.


It’s classic and elegant style, its little details with classical influences, and its spectacular shyness ... features that make our outdoor luminaires in a unique and distinctive decorative accessory. It is perfect for creating magical and charming spaces.


It is one of the most successful collections among our most demanding customers. Its spectacular dimensions, finishes and detail work that forms the arm sconces make this collection a luxurious treat for the garden.

The Bastion collection is one of the most majestic and elaborated from our outdoor lighting catalog. Wall-brackets are the most outstanding and original elements of this collection. Its ornamental design gives a special elegance and distinction which makes it ideal for use on the exterior of the most classic and luxurious homes.

This stunning collection of outdoor lamps is composed of:
- Wall bracket of two lights
- Wall bracket of three lights
- Ceiling lamp of four lights
- Top wall of 3 lights
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This collection is a great welcome for any manorial house. English bronze finish with granulated glass, this collection makes a perfect outdoor decorative accessory for any elegant environment.

The Monte Grande collection consists of:
- Wall light 3 lights
- Wall light 1 light
- Ceiling Lamp 3 lights
- Floor lamp 3 lights
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Bold and very detailed. The line from the Hampden lighting exterior collection from Savoy House has accessories to suit any need. The glass panels create a unique glow and the black finish is enriched with a bold hammered effect.

The Hampden collection consists of:
- Wall light of 1 light
- Wall light of 2 lights
- Ceiling Lamp of 2 lights
- Lamp of 2 lights
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This collection is inspired by the city of New Orleans. Crafted to mimic the appearance of an old gas lamp with English bronze finish and granulated glass in pale cream.

The Chiminea Collection is composed of:
- Wall-bracket of 1 light
- Wall-bracket of 3 lights
- Ceiling Lamp 3 lights
- Lamp 2 lights
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Castlemain is an incredibly versatile and economical group with transparent glass, available in a wide variety of sizes, in addition to the foot and hanging. Also available in a version with Tuscan glass. Black finish with gold and a transparent hammered glass.

The Castlemain collection consists of:
- Wall-bracket of 1 light
- Wall-bracket of 3 lights
- Ceiling Lamp of 3 lights
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A classic exterior luminaire with clear glass granulate and English bronze finish.

The Newbery collection consists of:
- Wall-bracket exterior 1 Light
- Wall-bracket 2 lights
- Lamp 2 lights
- Ceiling Lamp 2 lights
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Outdoor lamps are one of the main products of our catalog, and one of the most used in all projects in which the Savoy House has participated. Our outdoor lamps are characterized by their large size, the originality of their designs and high quality. These qualities make a reference in Savoy House exterior lighting. 


LIGHT YOUR IDEAS by Savoy House Europe
Our lamps and decorative accessories will help you to create unique environments and atmospheres. Rooms full of personality and feelings. We have a special line for professional interior design and decoration, caring in detail our counseling service and delivery in order to ensure success in our projects.

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Savoy House destacados
Savoy House destacados
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