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20 de Jul, 2016

Designer for the firm Savoy House

Savoy House Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas is one of our most international designers. His creations stand out for the simplicity reflecting the today’s lifestyles, are inspired by the latest trends for home decoration and are always a safe bet.

He has over 30 years of experience within the lighting industry and has been awarded twice with the Art Award for his excellent work.

Some of the most outstanding collections of Brian Thomas for the firm Savoy House:

This spectacular collection features a rustic style of elegant curves. These stunning lights have a beautiful fossil stone finish, taking care of the smallest detail.

Mallory collection consists of:
- Chandelier of 6, 8, 9 and 12 lights.
- Wall light of 2 lights.
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It’s geometric and brilliantly recalls the appearance of a multi-faceted diamond. These open fixtures are finished in warm bronze and large areas of transparent glass to add even more glamor and personality to your home.

The Tekoa collection consists of:
- Pendant lamp 3 and 6 lights
- Semi ceiling lamp 5 lights
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Collection of industrial style achieved because of the cages that protect each transparent glass screen and the elegant English bronze finishes for the arms.

The Connell collection consists of wall sconces, bath bars, hanging and ceiling lamps.
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It is a family of pendants with geometric motifs. It includes a Dupioni cloth screen in pale white and careful decoration in silver.

The Triona collection consists of:
- Pendant 4 lights
- Pendant 3 lights
- Wall-bracket 2 lights
- Semi-roof convertible
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This futuristic pendant, designed by Brian Thomas, is adorned with transparent acrylic and angular panels that make the light, they are perfect with chrome finish.

Newell collection consists of:
Semi-Ceiling 3 Lights
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The Clarion collection is pure glamor thanks to its cut glass and gold finish in bright color.

The Clarion collection consists of:
- Wall-bracket of 2 lights
- Pendant lamps of 5 and 6 lights
- Oval pendant lamp 8 lights
- Semi ceiling lamp 3 lights
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Porcelain finish and the care taken in details, give it a rich and discreet simplicity making it ideal for classic and luxurious rooms. Get a delicate and sophisticated look in any room!

The Geneva collection consists of:
- Chandelier 5 lights
- Chandelier 8 lights


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