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08 de Jul, 2015

The most majestic and elaborated collection

Savoy House Bastion Collection

Bastion Collection

It is one of the most successful collections among our most demanding customers. Its impressive dimensions, their finishing details, the intricate work of the wall lamp arms make this collection a luxurious treat for the garden.

The Bastion collection is one of the most majestic and elaborated outdoor lighting featured in our catalog. Highlighting the wall lamps as the most outstanding and original elements of this collection. Its ornamental design gives a special elegance and distinction that makes it ideal for use on the outside of the classic and luxurious homes.

This stunning collection of outdoor lamps is composed of:

- two lights Wall light
- three lights Wall light
- four lights Ceiling lamp
- three lights Top wall

See Bastion Collection

Our outdoor collections meet the requirements to become key pieces of any garden or terrace. Its classic and elegant style, its exhaustive details with classical influences, spectacular shine... all of them features that make our outdoor luminaires a unique and distinctive decorative accessory.

Outdoor lamps are one of the main products in our catalog, and one of the most used in all projects in which Savoy House has been involved. The outdoor lamps by Savoy House Europe are characterized by its large size, the original designs and high quality. The materials used in its manufacture, guarantee its resistance to external conditions such as wind, water and moisture, and protect the electrical system, which ensures proper operation.

"LIGHT YOUR IDEAS" by Savoy House Europe

Our lamps and decorative accessories will help you to create unique environments and atmospheres. Rooms full of personality and feelings. We have a special line for interior design and decoration professionals, taking care of every detail on our consulting service and delivery, to help your projects to be a success.

Savoy House destacados
Savoy House destacados
Savoy House destacados
Savoy House destacados